The Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association is in full support of NAVTA’s Veterinary Nurse Initiative (VNI), as it aligns with both our association’s mission statement and the wishes of our membership.  The MVTA was formed in 1987 with the purpose of supporting the role of the then Animal Health Technician.  Over the decades our association has kept current with the ever-evolving paradigm of veterinary medicine and has continuously changed how we support our membership and the profession of veterinary technology and nursing.  In 2017, during our strategic planning sessions, we formally documented our mission as: Promoting and advocating for the profession of veterinary technology and veterinary nursing.  We chose then to include the term nursing in our mission statement because we saw potential changes on the horizon.

 As a member-driven association, the MVTA Board reached out to our members and others in the local veterinary community through an online survey in January 2020.  Our main goal was to assess the feelings of our members on the VNI.  We had over 600 people respond, nearly 400 of them being MVTA Members.  We specifically asked for feedback on the four pillars of the VNI, and the results showed that our membership overwhelmingly support each one. 

  • 98% of respondents stated that they are in favor of title protection for credentialed Veterinary Technicians.
  • 95% agreed with national standardization for credential requirements.
  • 92% also agreed that the scope of practice for credential veterinary technicians needed to be defined.
  • 82% agreed to the suggested title change of RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse). 

 The MVTA believes that supporting the national movement for standardization and elevation of the profession will raise the intrinsic value of our profession and benefit individuals in our field.  Further, we feel that by raising awareness within the public sector of the knowledge, skill, and education required to deliver high-quality veterinary care, we can continue to promote and advance the profession of veterinary technology and nursing.  The MVTA also feels that by achieving the goals of the VNI, there will be an increase in the number of veterinary nurses entering and remaining in the field of veterinary medicine.